Thursday, 9 February 2017


Short hairstyles are always preferred as such hairstyles are easy to be maintained and taken care of. If you wish to make your hairstyle gorgeous with the help of a flat iron, then you should know the correct technique of using a hair straightener. If it is your first time with a flat iron, then you should definitely learn the basics of using it on the hair without causing any damages with the help of a hairstylist. Short hairstyles are also preferred by men who love to wear chin length hair. If you have cut your hair short only because you are not able to manage and take care of your hair if grown longer, then a flat iron can make it more manageable by turning your bad hair days to the best one that everyone with remember of. If will take only a few minutes for you to style your short hair, even lesser time than you need for styling the long hair. You can curl, straighten, flip-in, flip-out or crimp your short hair in whatever style you want to acquire. A well styles hair can be easily dressed up to any type of hairdos as you like without any hassle.

Short hairs often do not need the application of hair gels to keep it in its position. But when you go out, the hair can mess in the wind and look horrible. Thus it is recommended to apply hair relaxing creams after styling. If you have short but sleek and straight hair, then it is not that problem, but if your hair is curly and wavy, then it may make it more difficult to manage. People who are ignorant in using the proper ways of styling always spoil the natural shine and elegance of their hair after styling. so, it is important to implement all the safety measures that can save your hair from the heat of the flat iron. But choosing the hairstyle for short hair depends upon the specific facial feature of a person. You have to check whether messy hairstyle or the wavy bobs are suited for you before styling your hair. With a flat iron, you can try out different style so that you can choose the best style suited for you.

When it comes to hair straightening techniques, there are quite a few ones available to choose from. The best choice though depends on your hair type and the style that you want. Some of the most popular straightening techniques includes blow drying, the Japanese straightening system, chemical relaxers and hair straighteners and products. While a few of these techniques work to alter the hair pattern only for a short duration, some hair straightening methods provide results which are permanent. Let us now take a brief look at each straightening technique individually.
Blow Drying: it is the most conventional method which straightens hair only temporarily. Due to the repeated application of hot air that is required under it, some amount of hair damage may take place. However the good thing is that there is no use of chemical under it.
Japanese hair straightening technique: it is also known as thermal reconditioning. Among the latest techniques to have hit the market, it has become quite a craze in recent times. The Japanese method provides permanent results and also if done properly, causes very little damage to the hair. However the technique is quite expensive.
Chemical Relaxers: herein, relaxers are used which change hair texture permanently. Although cheaper, it might result in hair damage and therefore should only be used on the advice of a hair specialist.

Straighteners: these allow you to straighten your hair all by yourself at home itself. However, it should be used only if you have the knowledge to do so, or it may lead to damage to the hair. Also, these are not very effective in case of thick wavy hair.
Hair straightening products: finally there are a number of straightening products that have been formulated especially for the purpose of straightening hair. These include hair gels, sprays, lotions and putties.
Thus each of the techniques mentioned above have their own set of benefits and disadvantages. The need is for you to understand them and use it accordingly.